v.0.1.0a (rel. 1-28-18)

* "Launch" version
* Color Scheme changed to WQRI colors (teal, blue, orange)
* Menu simplified into tabs, supports all desktop resolutions
* Incorporated logo into menu

v.0.1.1a (rel. 1-30-18)

* Incorporated Google Analytics
* Fixed bug where /Shows.php (deprecated link since v.0.6.0a) displayed tab menus in a white font and appeared invisible
* Updated footer display to add link to changelog

v.0.1.2a (rel. 2-1-18)

* Fixed bug which caused menu bar to look different in the EBoard panel
* Corrected title label on Update Event Artwork page
* Preparation for site Title Update v.0.2.0a

v.0.2.0a (rel. 2-1-18)

* Added Podcasts to bottom of Show Pages
* Created new pages relating to Podcasts in the DJ Panel
* Created Podcast page with new player specifically for podcasts

v.0.2.1a (rel. 2-2-18)

* Created Gallery for events
* Replaced WQRI 88.3 in footer with station logo
* Installed necessary resources for beginning of iOS development

v.0.2.1b (rel. 2-5-18)

* Increased reliability and accuracy of analytics reporting

v.0.2.2a (rel. 2-5-18)

* Fixed bug where DJ Panel was presenting requests in the wrong timezone
* Updated Podcasts to include play counter and more information about an episode
* Slight redesign to Podcasts page

v.0.3.0a (rel. 2-6-18)

* Podcasts have the ability to be directly uploaded to iTunes via Podcast Upload page * Created RSS feed for podcasts * Fixed bug where uploaded podcast imagery wasn't displayed on Show page

v.0.3.1a (rel. 2-6-18)

* Created new slide on home page for "Show of the Week" which is to be determined at EBoard

v.0.3.2a (rel. 2-9-18)

* Fixed bug where Podcasts were uploaded with the ID of the user rather than the ID of the show causing them to appear on the wrong shows
* Added Button to Install "WQRI Recorder" through the DJ Panel
* Updated Mobile site menu

v.0.3.3a (rel. 2-10-18)

* Preparation for v.0.4.0a update
* Bug fixes regarding vulnerabilities

v.0.4.0a (rel. 2-10-18)

* Added documentation on how to use WQRI Recorder extension in DJ Panel
* Redesigned DJ Panel

v.0.4.1a (rel. 2-12-18)

* Fixed rendering of Favicon icon

v.0.4.2a (rel. 2-12-18)

* Added News page which includes Tweets from the @WQRINewsdesk twitter
* Renamed EBoard menu option to Executive Board Panel and made it a dropdown under DJ Panel

v.0.4.3a (rel. 2-13-18)

* Embedded Analytics into Executive Board Panel

v.0.4.4a (rel. 2-13-18)

* Updated Analytics colors and display to match site
* Updated Executive Board Panel design to match DJ Panel
* Added "Clear All Requests" button to the DJ Panel

v.0.4.5a (rel. 2-13-18)

* Automated Show of The Week and Programming Spotlight in Executive Board Panel

v.0.4.6a (rel. 2-15-18)

* Changed timeout time for file uploads
* Changed layout of podcasts to show newest first
* Fixed bug where Show of the Week would bug if it contained a comma

v.0.4.7a (rel. 2-16-18)

* Podcasts can now be updated in the DJ Panel

v.0.5.0a (rel. 2-16-18)

* Search functionality added (Search for Shows / Podcasts)
* Made Popup Stream a dropdown under Stream in Menu

v.0.5.1a (rel. 2-21-18)

* Added Alert Bar settings to the Executive Board Panel

v.0.5.2a (rel. 3-25-18)

* Adjusted refresh time in Show Log Generator

v.0.6.0a (rel. 4-11-18)

* Site redesigned with heavier focus on shows and their podcasts
* Shows automatically update content on the shows page
* Added a password recovery function on the sign in page

v.0.6.1a (rel. 4-13-18)

* Added Developer Panel for easier access to database information for webmaster

v.0.6.2a (rel. 4-15-18)

* Fixed bug where pages would hang during loading on Safari
* Corrected positioning and layout of mobile player

v.0.6.3a (rel. 4-16-18)

* Added ability to delete podcast episode when editing
* Added "View All Podcasts" page
* Preparations for Chrome Extension Update

v.0.6.4a (rel. 4-16-18)

* Added ability to sort Shows by Genre
* Added ability to sort Podcasts by Genre
* Fixed bug where player would break

v.0.6.5a (rel. 4-22-18)

* Fixed bug where "Manage My Podcasts" link would return blank page

v.0.6.6a (rel. 4-24-18)

* Fixed bug player image would not display in the right position on mobile devices
* Fixed bug where player would only play stream from point on page load, not on activation

v.0.7.0a (rel. 4-26-18)

* Added Subscribe function to pages (show your favorite shows that you like them by subscribing to them and getting a quick link in your menu to their content)
* Prepped for more subscription functionality

v.0.7.1a (rel. 5-1-18)

* Fixed bug where users could subscribe to themselves
* Subscription list now shows how many podcasts a user has yet to listen to

v.0.8.0a (rel. 8-27-18)

* Fixed bug where certain soundboard items wouldn't play
* Preparations for the next semester
* Updated deprecated OrgSync links to HawkLink links

v.0.8.1a (rel. 9-18-18)

* Updated some icons to higher quality
* Redesigned Requests page
* Back end changes in preparation for next update

v.0.9.0a (rel. 12-4-18)

* Fixed sizing issues on various images displayed dynamically on the website
* Various security / bug fixes